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CAC Digital Studio provides you with the best facilities and comfortable working environment possible. Our studios are designed with the latest acoustic technology. Its spacious, fully floating and well lit, with noise free air handling, hard wood surfaces and extensive connectivity. We have two soundproof booths. Each is optimized with different acoustical properties and can be tuned as desired for a variety of recording applications.

Our control room is professionally designed to be the ideal listening environment. Completely independent of the recording rooms. this sound proof space provides accurate monitoring while recording and mixing. The design is spacious, comfortable, fully floating, well lit, with noise-free air handling, hard wood surfaces, and extensive connectivity. It houses a Pro Tools HDX system, total recall moving fader control surface, surround sound mixing capability, complete with subwoofer. We offer an extensive array of plug-ins, outboard gear and monitor options.

We provide a comfortable environment for clients to meet, relax, and eat between session or on breaks. We provide a lounge, kitchen, dining area, and courtyard. CAC is located near many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and a major mall(Centre Square Mall). CAC provides safe private, well-lit and spacious parking even in city centre.

For us, recording is the most important stage in the process. Making sure the source material is as good as it can be is vital. This is why we’ve invested heavily in a high quality, varied microphone selection, consoles and pre-amplifiers to do those microphones justice, and a large selection of drums, amplifiers, synths, pianos, guitars and pedals to make sure that initial recording is as good as it possibly can be.

Although we believe it is important to properly record the source material, the mixing stage can also take your record to a higher level. These days a lot of mixing is done remotely. Mastering is the final production step. The engineer works with your finished mixes, adding additional compression, equalization and other adjustments if necessary to bring together your tracks into one cohesive file. At this point, encoding and track order encryption is also taken care of to leave you with a finished product ready for physical pressing or digital delivery.

Dubbing is Audio Post Production's first phase and CAC offers the best quality Dubbing Studios with industry standard Audio Interfaces / Sound Cards and Microphones.We also feel that the Studio and Dubbing room's ambience plays an important part in making the artist relaxed and confident.

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